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How do Disc Injuries Occur?

         disk injuries

 When the spine experiences trauma, the spine may lurch forward forcefully, causing the vertebrae to compress the front of one or more of the lumbar discs beyond its normal limits. This causes the back of the disc to protrude backward, causing thinning and small tears in the annulus fibrosus, resulting in weakening over time. When this happens, the nucleus purposes may dry out, resulting in lost flexibility.

As the disc deteriorates, the nucleus pulposus may push the annulus fibrosus outward, which results in a bulging disc. This can cause pinches or impingements in the spinal nerves, the spinal cord, as well as the spinal nerves and spinal nerve rootlets. Central disc bulges can painfully protrude backward into the spinal canal, or forward into the neural foramen. This can result in symptoms such as pain, numbness or weakness in one or both legs.

Causes of Disc Injuries

  • Age
  • Sudden and extreme movements
  • Twisting or turning while lifting objects
  • Lifting objects that are too heavy
  • Weak muscles
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Slips or falls

What are some treatments for disc injuries? 

  • Ice or heat applied directly to the injured area
  • Rest
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Others

What to Expect at Ringer Chiropractic

Many people prefer to choose less invasive chiropractic treatments, such as those offered by Drs. Donald P, Ringer and Robert M. Marlowe, at Ringer Chiropractic in Tracy, California. These highly qualified doctors of Chiropractic Medicine use gentle, low-force solutions for the treatment of disc problems, such as Flexion-Distraction techniques, Manipulation under Anesthesia (MUA) or Pelvic Blocking Techniques, all of which are non-invasive treatments that have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of herniated discs and other disc injuries.

Visits to Ringer Chiropractic are pleasant, relaxing experiences for our patients. They begin with initial face-to-face consultations with our doctors. The doctors use advanced diagnostic techniques and equipment, including digital spinal Xray, digital posture analysis, and other techniques that help them uncover the sources of spinal pain. Once a diagnosis has been reached, the doctors utilize their accumulated knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to help bring relief safely and as swiftly as possible.

Contact Our Local Chiropractor in Tracy Today

Ringer Chiropractic is located at 1525 N. Tracy Boulevard, in Tracy, California.  We accept same-day appointments and most types of insurance. The initial consultation FREE, and we offer Spanish speaking services, as needed. New Patients are most welcome. Please call 209-242-9998 to schedule your appointment today.